The Shenzhen North Railway Station published on their Weibo Tuesday that a female passenger stabbed an employee after failing to catch her train.


TRANSLATION: "At 14:47 on the 18th, passenger Luo Moumou (female, 23 years old), at gate B16 of the Shenzhen North Station, stabbed employee Liu (female, 27 years old) in the back because she did not catch her train. She was immediately subdued by the station security personnel. At present, the injured has been sent to hospital for treatment. It is not life-threatening. The Shenzhen North Station Police Station is carrying out an investigation and evidence collection work."

No other details have yet surfaced. 

Be careful and try to keep aware to avoid being stuck in similar situations.

Reference: 警方通报深圳北站伤人案,23岁女乘客因未赶上车刺伤客运员


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