The Shenzhen Traffic Police announced yesterday afternoon that they have been conducting extensive city wide traffic controls to further strengthen the ban on motorcycles, as well as other traffic restrictions, and will be continuing these checks today.

As of 17:30 on May 28, during the operation referring to as "Deep South Commando" + "BD-80", the Shenzhen Traffic Police were busy as they...

  • seized 592 motorcycles and electric vehicles in the city, including 379 electric bicycles, 47 motorcycles, and motorcycles (electric). 
  • detained 73 electric (motorized) tricycles, with 75 persons detained, and 239 cases of illegal delivery of food trucks.
  • cited 127 pedestrian and non-motor vehicle traffic violations; and 
  • cited 31 other illegal acts.

The operations continue today, May 30th (Thursday)... All day.

They have announced extensive coverage throughout the city and will focus on the following illegal activities:

  • Motorcycles and electric vehicles that violate the rules
  • Threaten others and their own traffic safety
  • Excess
  • Child safety violations
  • Excessive electric vehicles, illegally operating vehicles


Latest National Standard for Electric Bikes


  • Wear a helmet;
  • Pedestrians and non-motor vehicles cannot take the motorways.
  • Red lights mean "Stop"

Reference: 所有人注意,新一轮的整治行动来了!明天,这些行为一定不要有……

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