If you spent any time on social media while Typhoon Mangkhut ravaged Shenzhen, you likely saw a message stating that water and or power would be cut throughout the city at 3 (or later 8) o'clock. The rumor spread like wildfire, causing panic and leading many to rush to store water, despite the fact that the official Weibo and other major media of the Shenzhen Water Group and other major media posted that these were false rumors. 

At 8:52pm on September 17, The Bao'an Public Security Bureau posted the following on their official Weibo @平安宝安 


This roughly translates to:

On the morning of September 16, typhoon Mangkhut approached the city. When the city was hit by typhoon, the following message appeared "The city's three-point water cut-off and power outages, "all are eight-point water cut-off" along with other false information. The above information was quickly disseminated through WeChat, Weibo and other channels, causing some people to panic, causing social adverse effects. On the afternoon of the same day, the police arrested the suspects Ye (male, 30 years old) and Hong Mou (male, 26 years old) in Bao'an District according to the report clue. After the trial, the two confessed to the illegal act of manufacturing and distributing false information online. At present, the police have administrative detention of two illegal persons in accordance with the law. The police remind that the Internet is not a place without laws, and rumors must not be spread on the Internet, otherwise it will be punished by the law.

We highlighted two parts above for emphasis. They were not bold in the original statement.

Source: 台风期间制造并散播“停水停电”谣言?宝安两男子被行拘

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