The NHL & Terrace regret to inform you that due to the incoming Typhoon, and because of previous commitments in North America, the appearance of the Stanley Cup at Terrace has been cancelled. The NHL is concerned that because of the threat of typhoon, they may be unable to leave in time to meet their commitments back home.

As a token of our appreciation of your support for this event, the NHL and Terrace have arranged for a private viewing of the Stanley Cup before the game, at 11 am at the stadium exclusively for Terrace ticket holders. Terrace will arrange transportation for you if you choose to leave early for this exclusive viewing. Let us know by Friday 2 pm so that we can arrange accordingly.

Terrace’s post-game party will go on as scheduled and all tickets purchased through Terrace are eligible for a free welcome drink after the game and 10% off all food and beverage for the rest of the night. 


As we are anticipating a big crowd for dinner, we are taking pre-orders for food so that we can ensure that your food is ready in a timely fashion after the game. We will send out a PDF of our menu so that you can choose accordingly.

Again, our sincerest regrets for this unfortunate turn of events. We hope to see you all at the game and at the post-game party!


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