Shekou News recently reported that Chinese white dolphins were spotted in the waters off Chiwan Port near Shekou, Shenzhen on the morning of January 30th, 2019.



A Shenzhen Haijian Fishery Administration Law Enforcement Officer took this video around 10:11 am that morning, while cruising the sea area in the Pearl River Estuary. They spotted at least 10 Chinese white dolphins about 1 nautical mile off Chiwan Port. 

Actually, it's become quite common for the white dolphin to visit this time of year. Some speculate that it's due to the improvement of seawater quality.


White Dolphin Photographed on 2017 New Year’s Eve near Shekou.

In 2018, two groups of Chinese white dolphins where spotted.

In September 2017, a dolphin photographed in the waters of Shapeng Bay in the Dapeng Bay. Chen Bixia / photo 


In December 2017, three large Chinese white dolphins were found in the north of Shenzhen. Image source: China Haijian Guangdong Provincial Corps Shenzhen Detachment.


The Chinese White Dolphin is a protected animal in China and is also known as the “mermaid” and “water panda”. It belongs to the dolphin family of cetaceans and is a close relative of bottlenose dolphins and killer whales.  Although named "White Dolphin", the newly born Chinese white dolphins are dark gray, the young will be gray, and the adult is pink. They are mainly found in the western Pacific Ocean, in the Indian Ocean, and is common in the East China Sea.


Reference: 萌翻啦!这群“海上大熊猫”又来蛇口给大家拜年啦!(附视频)

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