'SZBreakingNews' recently published to their WeChat account that netizens have been reporting of strangers acting as community workers knocking on their doors to register their residence information. They complained that they couldn't tell whether they are genuine or not. Additionally, some said strangers were also saying they needed to do anti-mosquito treatments to prevent dengue fever.

'SZBreakingNews' decided to consult with the community center to gather precautionary measures you can take if this happens to you. Here are some tips they've provided:

  • Go meet the registration personnel to get to know them and their identity. The major community centers in Shenzhen have designated staff to register their residence information.
  • Ask them to verify your previously registered information. If they are real community workers, and you have been living there and previously registered, you can ask them to check your previous registration information and you can verify if it's true or false. They should have mobile devices with them where they can check this quickly and easily. If not, they will at least have a print out with the information they can check.
  • Call the community center to confirm. You can find the phone number and other information about your local community center on a placard on the wall in the lobby of your building.
  • Ask to see their ID. All official personnel will have identification proving who they are.

This example ID was published by 'SZBreakingNews'

The Management and Service Center for Expats in Shekou also shared the following photos of identification police may use when coming to check out registration:

The police should be able to speak English when coming to the residence of foreigners; however, if they cannot; or if you prefer to ask in Chinese, you can ask either of the following:

  • 你好,我能看一下你的工作证吗?
    Sir, can you please show me your police ID card?
  • 你好,请稍等一下,我需要打个电话验证一下你的身份。
    Sir, please wait for a moment, I need to have a call to verify your identity.

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