WeChat recently announced it has been aggressively targeting vulgar and harmful content and fraud on its platform, and has blocked more than 40,000 relevant official accounts.


...cracking down on attempts to defraud, including red envelope fraud, bank fraud, etc.


WeChat said in the announcement that vulgar and false or exaggerated content hurts the users' experience and affects the health of the platform content. Since 2019, WeChat has:

  • Banned 966 accounts that sent pornographic or violence-related content;
  • Deleted 2,267 pornographic or violence-related articles;
  • Blocked 36,556 accounts for sending vulgar content;
  • Deleted 73,318 articles with vulgar content;
  • Banned 3,070 accounts sending exaggerated or misleading content or impersonating officials; and
  • Deleted 3,447 exaggerated or misleading articles.


During the Spring Festival of 2019, the platform discovered and focused on cracking down on attempts to defraud, including red envelope fraud, bank fraud, etc.

During the Spring Festival, some accounts published articles with external links of fake red envelope rebates to users. WeChat said that these external links were themed on different festivals and would try to scam readers out of money. The articles claimed that users could get double red packets after the readers recharged red envelopes.



In January of this year, WeChat discovered and systematically investigated such illegal accounts, banned dozens of counterfeit accounts with fraudulent activities, and cleared the bank avatars or nicknames used by hundreds of official accounts.


WeChat said it will further strengthen the screening and handling of such illegal accounts, and also reminds everyone to be alert to such scams. If you receive similar information, you should contact your bank through their official customer service phone or offline business network immediately.


Reference: 4万多个公众号,被封了!

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