X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant has been a great place for food, entertainment and good times since 2002. With sadness and joy we announce the changing of the guard at X-TA-SEA, to the ownership of the Xpats Restaurant Group. 


Xpats has been open in Shenzhen since 2007, and is proud to accept the responsibility to deliver to all of you, great food & drinks, service and entertain for years to come. Please have faith that Xpats will continue to build on the good and long standing reputations of Bill and Maggie as well as the amazing staff at X-TA-SEA. 


We will be remodeling the kitchen for the next 5-7 days, during which time we will still have pizzas, pastas and snacks. The full menu will come afterwards. All current drinks specials, offers, and promotions are still available.


We would like to work & play with everyone of you to continue this legacy starting April 1st, when Xpats Sports Bar & Restaurant will open to serve you. We hope you will join us to build great new bonds within our community and make the X your home away from home. 

Raise a glass to past and future amazing memories here at the X and future memories. Cheers.

Let’s party.

Phenix, Owner-Xpats Restaurant Group

See you there!

Xpats Sea World, Shekou

Enter the Minghua Cruise Ship & Turn Left


Tel:   755 2686 7649

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