Full-time English Teacher Position: 15,000-20,000/month


Tiger Education is hiring a new, full time teacher for Futian, Shenzhen. ​ The salary for a full time teacher is between 15-20,000 which includes a performance bonus based on roles, responsibilities, ability and experience. Work permit, residence permit and social insurance provided. REQUIREMENTS: According to laws and regulations, applicant must be from the following locations: The USA Canada The UK Ireland Australia New Zealand South Africa Some of the Caribbean islands are also accepted. Applicant must also possess a diploma, recent background check and 120 hour TEFL certificate or 2 years relevant experience. For more details or to apply, contact Tyler: Office Telephone: 25318115 (2pm-9:30pm daily) By WeChat ID: TyDaTiger



Phone: 25318115

Price ¥ 20,000

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