Incubator Offers Working Space FREE for Two Months


Yuanquan Ventures (YQ Ventures) is a creative business incubator, located in the business center of Nanshan District, next to the new Tencent building. In addition to incubating and training, the core-businesses of YQ Ventures are investment, business consulting and technology transfer. As so far, YQ Ventures has successfully incubated over 100 projects and more than 20 projects are operating in the incubator on a daily basis. Recently, YQ Ventures management decided to put more focus on a global cooperation. Therefore we have decided to offer two months free of charge for a dedicated desk in our incubator. It’s important to stress out that not every project will be accepted automatically. Our space is limited and preference will be given to projects in the fields of: * Greentech, * Smart cities, * AI, * Fintech, * Healthcare, * Education, and more. After two months the charge will be according to the regular fee: between 1200-2500 RMB per person per month. Beside the co-working space we also offer some extra paid services: Basic services: * Company Registration, * Opening a bank account, * Taxation, and more. Tailored services: * Business Development, * Finding Chinese Employees, * Marketing, * FA, * Investment, etc. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please set a meeting in advance through our mail or WeChat account: Website: (or click the "Website" link on this page) Email: (or click the "Email" button on this page) Yogev: yogev16 Sophie: AS394583531 Address: Software industrial base 4A, Floor 9, Nanshan District, Shenzhen (Near Tencent building)

When Tue From June 12, 2018 to
July 12, 2018
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Software industrial base 4A, Floor 9, Nanshan dist
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