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Come spend Christmas Eve at X-TA-SEA with this delicious traditional all you can eat buffet from 6pm till 9:30pm. Includes soft drinks and juice. Mixed Drinks, Beer, Breezers and Coffee.are 50% OFF. Groups of four or more adults also get a free bo...

Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet at X-TA-SEA and 50% OFF Drinks
X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant
First Floor Inside the Minghua Ship Sea World,


Mon. to Fr.i 11:30-14:30. All special Lunch Menu Items Include: Fountain Soft Drinks, Soup & Desert or Choose Your Favorite Thai Beverage for FREE! No Discount or Coupons Accepted.

Lunch Specials for Weekdays at Terrace
Seaworld Square (above Starbucks) Sea World,
Set Lunch Menu @ Tequila Coyote's | 午市套餐@仙人掌
Tequila Coyote's Shekou
Shop No.113 Seaworld, Shekou, Shenzhen Sea World, 518067,