NEW HOPE film night


To all filmmakers in Shenzhen! We are organizing a film night in Shenzhen to bring more film people together, foreigners and Chinese alike. We have prizes from Rode Microphone, drinks and support from Shenzhen government. 我们诚挚邀请国内外创作人参加此次的 NEW HOPE  短片之夜,展示你的作品,活动当晚我们的专业评委以及现场的观众会为我们评选出最佳的作品,获奖者将有机会获得神秘大奖一份! 作品说明: 1. 作品时长为3-5分钟; 2. 所提交作品必须是原创剧情短片,不限题材和风格,非英文短片需有英文字幕; 3. 请发送你的作品到,短片格式需为MP4格式,分辨率在720P及以上; 4. 请及时提交你的作品,提交截至日期为:  2019/05/20   Submit your short narrative films, 3-5 minute long to be screened at the Nanshan Cultural Center. International judges with a rich film background will pick the best film and the winner will get a mysterious prize.  FORMAT: 1. The duration of the short films has to be around 3-5 minutes; 2. The submitted works must be original short narrative films in any genre,English subtitles are required for non-english short films. 3. Please send your video to in MP4 format with a resolution of 720P or above; 4. The deadline is on MAY 20th 2019; 如果你想作为观众参加我们的活动,请点击以下链接报名参加活动。 If you would like to attend as an audience, please click the following link to register.

When Sat From May 25, 2019 to
May 25, 2019

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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