Race against human trafficking


Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Shekou mermaid statue South of Sea World
Sea World,

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This year, we’ve decided to do something really cool and take a stand against the injustice of human trafficking. We would love you to join our team in this 5k Walk/Run in Shekou on September 9th.

Both runners and walkers are welcome to join in on this global effort!

Our local Shenzhen team will start from the mermaid statue (Nuwa park) across from Sea World at 10am.

It is estimated 20,000 people – predominately women – will be trafficked out of Nepal this year. Once a young girl is stolen, it is almost always a death sentence only preceded by forced prostitution, gang rape, enslavement, and harvesting of organs. The few that do escape have to deal with the emotional scars, the STD’s, and the shame that it brings to their family.

We know it is easier not to think about such horrible things but, thanks to Captivating International, people like us can help make a difference without having to think about or see these difficult things everyday. The money raised from STOP the TRAFFICK 5k will help support Captivating’s partners in Nepal (3 Angels Nepal & Tiny Hands International)

We know you are probably bombarded with charitable opportunities, so if you are not maxed out yet, please consider registering (AUD$8 plus a donation of your choice) and join our team, Shenzhen AFJ Racers on September 9th at the Shekou Mermaid statue across from Sea World.

To register, click the link above or visit http://www.active.com/any-state-qld/running/distance-running-races/stop-the-traffick-5k-global-event-2017

Please feel free to email me to learn more about what we are doing.