Single’s Party Nov. 10th-11th


You know what? The double 11th’day is coming! And you are still single! Playing video games every night? You deserve it! Go out to hit on girls!! Instead of playing the stupid games!! So!! On the Nov. 10th, We have prepared special couple games for you! Wow! This will be a good chance to get rid of your single status! Exactly! How to play the game? Wanna know? Hush! You’ll know when you come. The successful match can get One bottle, yes, one bottle Free Champagne!! First 50 singles receive a blowjob shooter. See how much we love you! Are you picturing a sweet kiss with the girl of your dream? Still hesitating to make the first move? Invite your new girl for a date in Terrace! Let us be your matchmaker~ November 10th! Put down your mobile, Have the best haircut! Wear your AJ! Come to Terrace say it out loud!


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Seaworld Square, Shekou, Shenzhen.
Sea World 518067

When Sat From November 10, 2018 to
November 11, 2018

9:00 pm - 4:00 am
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