What will be your lunch set this week?


Creamy Cucumber salad with Mint Staying hydrated is crucial with the hot weather already here. The amount of water you actually ingest from cucumbers depends on your serving size, but since they’re made of 95 percent water, you can be sure that eating cucumbers will contribute significantly to your daily water need! Tuna Tomatoes Penne A light and tasty alternative to Bolognese. This tasty and healthy penne is perfect for hungry tummies. Tuna comprises omega-3 fatty acids, which help in bringing balance in the blood vessels thereby reducing cholesterol in the arteries. Banana Chocolate Smoothie A medium-sized banana will provide around 320-400 mg of potassium, which meets about 10% of your daily potassium needs. Potassium helps your body maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. In addition, bananas are low in sodium. The low sodium and high potassium combination helps to control high blood pressure. For our vegetarian friends, main course can come without meat! Don't hesitate to ask to your waitress about it or click the link below to order on EatForCharity!

When Mon From May 18, 2020 to
May 22, 2020

11:00 am - 2:00 pm
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La Maison Wine Bar & Restaurant 公鸡和龙西餐厅

Shop 108 WangHai Road, Shekou, Nanshan District,
Coastal Rose Garden 1 & 2