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Parents know that the importance of starting your children off on the right path to learning is essential for their future success.  At Qing Teng Bilingual Montessori, we not only provide the high level of facilities and teaching following the Montessori Method, we offer it in English and Chinese to take advantage of the sensitive period of language absorption that young children experience. 

Linda Du, the founder, has over 20 years experience in Early Childhood Education, 10 years of it with Montessori, and is AMI 0-3/0-6 certified and a licensed Montessori teacher.  Along with her bachelor degree in ECE, she is a licensed nutritionist and psycological consultant.   Her attention to detail and care for her students is reflected throughout the school and her efforts to ensure that everything meets the acredited standards of Montessori.

Trisha Pope, the program director, has a background in childrens publishing, childrens game design as well as has authored a number of activity books for children.   She is bringing her 15 years of experience working in childrens markets, along with many years of teaching english as a second language to the classroom with a variety of fun activities, games and lessons to engage children in experiencing the joy of learning.  

The school offers 2 programs for children ages 1.5 - 6 years.    All children work at their own pace, and are closely monitered by the teaching staff as they progress so that they are given instruction and encouragement in the right moments to ensure continued success. 

Infant Community (IC 1.5- 3years old)

This is a transitional environment from home to a small social community, where children are welcomed into a warm, safe classroom where they will feel comfortable and eager to learn. Areas of focus are: 

Independence:  Eating meals, drinking water and combing their hair by themselves help develop a child's eye-hand coordination, body balance and movement control, as well as promoting a sense of responsibility, free will and emotional intelligence.

Concentration:  In class, the child will decide which tasks they will work on each day, and perform it over and over until they have achieved mastery of it.  They feel a great sense of joy and success when they have accomplished the task perfectly, and this repetition of activities allow them to develop the power of concentration.

Exploring interests and abilities:  Dr. Montessori noted particular characteristics linked with a childs interests and abilities in her observations. She suggested that we should "follow the child,allowing him/her to show us how best to cultivate the development of his/her potential.  This is a philosophy we embrace at Qing Teng!

Language and Social Development:  The core of our school program, the Language area  builds early literacy skills by providing wide-ranging opportunities for children to build up communication skills and phonetic understanding in Chinese and English. Montessori Language activities include listening for common sounds, learning the shapes and sounds of letters, naming or matching words to objects and pictures.

CASA Dei Bambini  (CASA 3-6 years old)

The CASA class is 3 - 6 years old, and consists of the modules: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics.  Montessori work, and the high quality, specialized materials in the classroom help the children develop  concentration, confidence, independence and self expression.

Practical life  focuses on caring for yourself and the environment, food preparation, sometimes art or handcrafts are included. It is an important foundation of CASA class as it is the core for developing concentration, self-discipline and logical thinking.

The Sensorial area of the Montessori classroom is aimed to develop children's skills in perception. Each practical activity focuses the child's attention on one of their sense by using materials that explore color,weight, shape, size, texture, sound, or smell.

Language work starts from the improvement of oral skills. After sound analysis and symbol cognition, children move on to reading and writing.  Again, all lessons are done in English and Chinese, so that children absorb the languages in a natural way.

Decimal System is the main part of mathematics, after learning the concept of number 0-10,they start learning the Arithmetic and other math activities.  Math is an especially strong focus of Montessori as the method of teaching allows children to understand and perceive the concept of numbers, rather than merely memorizing them.



Villa NO.30, HaiWan Garden, SheKou
Sea World

Behind Taiziwan Primary School
For assistance in English, please call 1392389257 and ask for Trisha

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Mon-Fri, 8a.m.-5p.m. Saturday - Sunday, 9a.m.-6p.m.

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