The Ziyi Fashion Club has an on-trend and luxurious environment , with stunning views of Taizi Bay through a fabulous 120 °panoramic window. There's good jazz playing all the time, whether if you are with friends or family, you can enjoy delicious cake, dessert and afternoon tea made by our on-site professional chef. Our cool bartender is happy to make all kinds of popular cocktails for you at any time and we also offer beer, red wine, whisky and brandy.


Entering the first floor, you will see many men's and women's clothes designed by the top domestic designers, as well as tailored suits and evening dresses, and well-known jewelry brands. In addition, our professional stylists can also help you build image and become a hot topic queen on any occasion.


On the second floor, we have a very cool stage area where we hold many interesting activities and parties such as a Halloween costume party, where we filled up the area with Jack-O'Lantern and partygoers wore all kinds of unique costumes whilst elegantly drinking champagne and chatting with handsome men and beautiful women. Just last month we held an event for a couple getting married here and was complimented by them for excellent attention of service during the whole day event which helped them remember the most important and beautiful day of their lives here.



If you also want to hold a party or any social activities, we welcome you to contact us. We will provide you with venue rental service and any other tailored services for what you want!

So, please stay tuned to us, we often hold lively parties on Christmas Day and weekends here, in the Ziyi Fashion Club!


Coastal Rose Garden
Main Gate of Phase 1


Next to the main gate of Coastal Rose Garden Phase 1


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10:00am-10:00pm Everyday!

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