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Rated X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant with on Jan 6th

A Shenzhen Original

X-TA-SEA has been a Sea World staple for well over a decade . In an ever changing city like SZ - where restaurants open and close with extreme frequency -- standing the test of time is in itself a testament to X-TA-SEA's appeal ....beyond that a wide range of well prepared Western style food at reasonable prices in a comfortable environment seals the deal. My personal favorite is the potatoe skins with real Cheddar cheese and firm white sour cream -- not the yellow runny yellowish stuff often passed off as sour cream in China.

Rated Tequila Coyote's Mexican Food & Grill with on Jul 25th

Coyotes -- better than before ...

Coyotes -- better than before ... The atmosphere used to be the main thing, if not the only thing, going for coyotes .. Unless you counted the over priced margaritas ... The food had gone from really good to weak over them past couple of years and as far as I was concerned the only reason left to go was the great location and relaxed atmosphere .... But I went there tonight and not only was the food actually good but dare I say it was not just good but had an actual hint of flourish that made me feel someone actually thought about what they cooked before they served it ... In addition the service was not just attentive -- but the waitress had a bit of personality ... This is not the old Coyotes so if you're like me and wrote Coyotes off, I'd give it another try -- but don't wait ... As you know good things in Shenzhen don't always last for long ... Get the good stuff while you can ...

Commented Why China Can Do Whatever It Wants in the South China Sea on Jul 13th

Very informative -- I guess that will now come back to haunt us.