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Since 2014, ShekouDaily (now InBene), has been dedicated to providing a platform for expats and travelers in Shenzhen to share information about what's going on in the community to help people enjoy the best possible life while here. Since the launch of EatForCharity in 2020, we have been growing more quickly and expanding partnerships to other cities as well. Sign up to our newsletter below to stay tuned for more about further expansion plans coming soon.

George & Dragon British Pub

Stop by our favorite watering hole while in Shenzhen. Located in Sea World, Shekou, G&D has great drinks, excellent pub grub, all the football, rugby, and other live sports you want, a pool table, pin ball machine, and live music on weekend evenings.

Residence G Shenzhen

If you need a short-term or long-term place to stay, or are looking for a unique dining experience, gym, indoor swimming pool, beautiful venue for events, or brunch options. Consider the Residence G Shenzhen, located in the heart of Nanshan District.


If you're in Shenzhen and need any assistance, or need help getting back, the English-speaking staff at the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange and Service Center are dedicated to helping expats and foreigners in the city.

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