ShekouDaily is a foreign-owned and operated community-driven, content-sharing platform with a mission to help English-Speakers live happy, healthy and prosperous lives in Shenzhen. We do this by working closely with local businesses, partners, our readers, and volunteers to find, gather, edit, and share useful and informative content; such as:

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Who is ShekouDaily

ShekouDaily is moderated primarily by its founders Gary Isse, from Los Angeles, California, USA, and Kiko Song from Changde, Hunan, China.



We've both been in Shenzhen since 2007, and held our first event together here, an Easter BBQ, in April of 2009. We've been highly active in the community ever since and love being a part of anything that helps bring the community together. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at any time. Contact Kiko 150.1413.7004, (Chinese), or Gary: 150.1413.9225, (English).


How to share content on ShekouDaily

  • Please send any tips or story ideas to Kiko or Gary using the contact info above
  • Events & Promotions taking place in Shenzhen can be added free-of-charge to the calendar of events on the ShekouDaily website and to our daily email using this link. Please contact Kiko or Gary for information on how to share your content via our other channels or for increased exposure.
If you have your own (non-commercial) story you'd like to share, you can also do so free-of-charge using this link.

Need more help?

ShekouDaily has partnered with the Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center at Imperial Park across from Sea World, in Shekou, Shenzhen. Find us in the Foreigner Liaison Office there at: 深圳市南山区望海路东双玺花园南山国际化交流中心.


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About the Founder:
Gary first started building online communities in 1997. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and has traveled to 13 countries and over 30 cities in China. Prior to coming to China in 2007, he worked at Warner Bros., and has consulted with many multinational companies in China since then. He's been holding various events for fun with his wife in Shenzhen since 2009 and in 2014, they founded ShekouDaily together.