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Hi folks, Drew from PaXaN here. March is now well and truly upon us and it is an exciting time for us video game aficionados, there are plenty of games coming out this month and plenty of reasons for our wallets to become that much emptier. Here are 4 new games coming out this month for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom
Ni no Kuniwas one of the hidden JRPG gems of the last console generation. Studio Ghibli and Level 5 Studio stole our hearts with their previous title, touching on themes of parental loss and coping with depression whilst juggling the comparative feelings of childlike innocence and wonderment in a brave new world. The second installment of this hopeful series is looking to build on the strengths of the previous game whilst adding new and intuitive mechanics for both the story and gaming styles. Despite the fact that Studio Ghibli was no longer a part of the creative process Level 5 Studio has paid homage to its pedigree by incorporating the cell shaded graphics from the original title as well as it’s penchant for a deep narrative that does nothing if not pull you into this imaginary realm. One of the biggest changes can be seen in the battle system, gone are the long hours spent of ‘catch them all’, Ash Ketchum-esque monster taming and instead we have real-time action RPG combat staples. This combat system has proven to be a fresh new change in other long standing series such as Final Fantasy and it’s looking like Ni no Kuni II is going to benefit much the same. The story of Ni no Kuni II is looking like it’s going to be just as epic as the original, main character Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum not only has a flashy name but also a flashy title and flashy responsibility. Being the rightful king it is your job to rebuild your empire, one building and one citizen at a time. Governing your workforce will allow you to fine tune your kingdom into your preferred play style, do you want to build a mighty armory so you can obtain the best gear or will you expand the farm lands so you have more materials for crafting? This core game mechanic will make each play through feel different than the last with no two kingdoms looking the same.
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is coming to us on March 23rd for PS4 and PC.


Far Cry 5
The Far Cry series has always tried to push the limits of what a first person shooter will allow, Far Cry Primal being a very different take on what most players expect from the FPS genre. Far Cry 5 is shaping up to be yet another attempt by Ubisoft to do just the same. The setting for this iteration is placed not in some tropical destination or a rural nation set against an almost breathtaking mountain range, but instead is set squarely in America, specifically Hope County based in Montana. Much like the drastic change in location the player character has also seen a huge change, this being that he or she is now of your own design. The game will feature a typical character creation screen after you decide to start the main campaign, giving us much more player agency than the previous titles. Your newly created badass will take on the role of a deputy, tasked with aiding federal marshals as they attempt to take down the equal parts dangerous and charismatic leader of the Eden’s Gate cult, Joseph Seed. Far Cry antagonists have always been of exceptional quality, Vass and Pagan Min being obvious inspirations for the new big bad and I have no doubt that it’s going to feel equally fulfilling to realize your characters destiny by emptying a righteous clip load into his suave face. There are other inspirations taken from the previous titles, such as the animal taming perk from the underrated Far Cry Primal is making a return, allowing you to train dogs, bears and all sorts of critters who will help you on your law enforcement journey. Co-Op play is also making a return with the entire campaign open to being played with a friend. This will allow you to experience what it’s like to be in the midst of a political showdown by giving you an actual gun to bring to the showdown, the idea being less ideological warfare and more actual real warfare. The opportunity to lawfully commandeer a number of different vehicles is also making a return, now adding fully working planes, which is much better than piece of junk gyrocopter from the 4th game which fell out of the sky if you went too high despite the fact that being in the sky is its entire deal. This numbered series entry hopes to make both the gameplay mechanics and story more relatable whilst still keeping the series trade mark extremism and the idea of bring your own knife, explosions or both to the party.
Far Cry 5 is coming to us on March 27th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves is a brand new IP coming to us from time honored studio Rare and ishoping to bring some swashbuckling, pirating, skeleton re-killing cooperative gameplay to your less pirate infused day to day interactions. The game will feature many of the pirate staples that we have come to know and love such as treasure chests, krakens, mermaids, an obsession with shiny gold stuff and more hook hands than an 80s horror movie marathon. This action-adventure cooperative multiplayer is played from a first person perspective unless you engage in the game's many emotive dances and gestures on offer, taking note from the many MMO series that do much the same. Instead of your character creation screen discerning what class type you will play as for the majority of the game your character in fact starts off as a total blank slate and for the most part remains that way throughout your time with the game. The idea behind your ‘character progression’ is based heavily on the ship role you take on at any given time. One moment you could be steering the ship to some long lost booty,the next hoisting the sails and drinking some grog, later helping your crew not pull a Titanic by being the savvy navigation officer or firing the various items that you can fire, yourself included, out of the ship’s cannons. The story premise behind the game still remains much of a mystery but a heavy focus has been given to the narrative being player driven. The game’s open world is an entirely shared game world so you will be encountering numerous different real world players fairly often and what you decide to do with these players is completely up to you. The game features a very cartoonish art style which is already upping the Saturday morning cartoon comedy feel that the development team have been going for. The game itself will also feature cross platform play between Windows based PCs and Xbox One consoles.
Sea of Thieves is coming to us on March 20th for Xbox One and PC.

Kirby Star Allies
Fans of the Kirby series are finally having their patience rewarded this March with the release of a brand new Kirby focused game. This new adventure for our pink blob friend takes a lot of inspiration from the previous Kirby centered titles whilst also trying some new and daring ideas with the consoles capabilities. This title will be the first high definition outing for Nintendo’s pinkest mostrotund mascot with the entire game using a 2.5D style of platforming. The idea of characters moving on a 2D plane rendered in a 3D environment has done wonders for many of the indie game over the past few years and although this type of platforming is by no means new it always seem to knock it out of the park in terms of visual dynamics. Two game mechanics are making a return in this title; those of “Helper” and “Mix” from previous Kirby titles now have a fresh rebrand of “Friends” and “Friend Abilities”. Don’t let the uninspired names put you off though as these mechanics are going to be integral to both the story and gameplay itself. Gameplay will feature four player-controlled characters on the screen at all times, subbing three of these characters for CPU-controlled characters if playing solo. The way in which we can gain controllable characters is by throwing a Friend Heart at an enemy on the screen. This physically manifested ‘love thy neighbour’ projectile allows you to have any enemy you see on the screen become a part of the Kirby squad, which in turn allows you to change your ability set; this mechanic also ties in the with the game's overall story. At the start of the game Kirby is hit with a Dark Heart, these being the physical manifestation of total douchery by turning whoever they come into contact with evil. However due to being the titular hero and having the ability to be protected by the script when Kirby is hit by a Dark Heart he gains the power to fire off his friendship instead. The game will also feature two different game modes keeping in line with Nintendo’s trait of making all of their games potential friend finishers or as we more commonly know it, competitive multiplayers. The two extra game modes consist of Chop Chomp where you chomp on as much wood as possible faster than your friends whilst avoiding dangerous bugs and Gordos and Star Slam Heroes in which you have to power up a flaming baseball bat and attempt to whack a meteor further than your friends.
Kirby Star Allies is coming to us on March 16th for Nintendo Switch.
That’s four different games for you this month that are making their way to our gaming platforms. Have any other games that you are looking forward to this month? Leave a like and comment down below telling me which ones and thanks for reading.


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10 Mar 2018

By Drew from PaXaN

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