4 Reasons For Not Finishing Some Of Our Favourite Games

Hi there folks! Damien here from PaXaN UK. There is nothing quite like kicking back and losing yourself in a digital world where you can do things us mere mortal gamers couldn’t do in real life. Why is it then, that we don’t finish or ever come back to some of our favourite titles? Lets talk about a few of the reasons why this happens. Now these may not apply to all of us, but quite a few of you can probably relate.


New games & Sales:

“Yes! Its finally out!” or “Sale! I’m so buying that right now!”

Sound familiar? 

Gaming is like a bitter sweet relationship. It doesn’t matter how much the game you are currently playing has been treating you or whether it has been bringing you joy and excitement, there’s always that cheap bit on the side or new game on the block that makes you drop its butt and start playing around with the next one.Giant percentage marks with the bold price tags or the gargantuan advertisements of the highly anticipated games that just stare right into your soul. Like a moth to a flame, you are clicking the buy button faster than being on it like Sonic. By the time you come back to the first game, it’s like that awkward moment of meeting an old partner you haven’t seen in a long time; you have forgotten all about them and are not sure what to do, where you left off, how to communicate and feel the need to want to move on. You walk away feeling slightly guilty that you haven’t given them much thought lately, you look back with rose tinted glasses about the those good times you once had together. It happens to the best of us, leading to our catalogue of games building up over time and leaving us feeling confused, lost and mixing up names.


Time and Backlog:

Time. The ultimate enemy of every game lover. If you’re Cloud, then it’s Sephiroth. If you’re Chell, then it’s GLaDOS. If you’re Diddy Kong, then it’s whatever that boost spamming Triceratops boss was called in Diddy Kong Racing; the stupid horned idiot. We puny gamers are always in awe of the almighty hands of Father Time. We only have a finite amount of time in our lives to try and play all those titles out there. The sad truth is we are all aging at a continuous rate and have other commitments to deal with; children, stupid adult jobs and all the other mockeries life throws at us. We often get excited by the prospect of a new open world to explore and plunder, a game that might take weeks to really experience everything it has to offer. We watch trailers and Let’s Plays on the internet, hearing the term “first playthrough” being thrown about; as if any of us have time for a second proper playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. With so many games and so little time, which ones do you devote your time to? To some of you this may seem like a no-brainer or not a massive issue. Though imagine for a moment, you made a split second decision and decided to commit to that one game till the bitter end no matter what before moving onto the next one. No excuses, no temptations to buy that other game. Has there already been a game that you religiously played until completion? Leave a comment down below letting us know.


Glitches, Bugs and Game Breakers

Infuriatingly, there are some games that stall your progress. You could be just starting your crusade, be half way through or near the end; with the pinnacle moment of your journey just on the horizon; when out of nowhere a game breaking glitch halts you dead in your tracks. Your mind implodes with the sudden realisation that all that time spent with this one title has all been in vain. It’s devastating! Important characters getting stuck in walls or quest items suddenly disappearing, markers that don’t guide you to your destination, missing textures, frame rate drops, or worse a corrupted save file. Yes, patches are released to try and fix gaming issues; although console gamers tend that bear the brunt of the problem more sodue to system limitations compared to PC gamers, but often the bugs can only be fixed to a certain degree or are never fully resolved depending on the company. Now don’t get me wrong, some bugs can be funny and even have us shout “WTF!” whilst laughing, but realistically they aren’t always a laughing matter given that at any point the precious gaming miles you’ve spent on that game could come to a crashing end due to it never allowing or it never being willing to let you finish.


Overhyped, Repetitive and Cut Content Titles

“This game will blow you away, you’ve never seen anything like this, totally original, unscripted events, ever changing worlds and highly innovative!”
We all hear this from companies at events like E3, Games-con and so on. Our enthusiasm and anticipation reach an all time high when constant promises are made to us that it’s going to make us blow our load when we play their game. CGI trailers keep our mouths watering and snippets of game-play footage keep us on the hype train. That glorious release day comes, you slam your money on the counter, take the game home, slap it straight in and get ready to be blown away. What you don’t expect however, is utter sheer disappointment and anguish. You know the feeling, it’s like dunking a biscuit into your tea to have it break off and sink. Examples of over hyped games: No Mans Sky: what we got was boring, repetitive game play and content that was promised but its presence non existing and they are only now slowly bringing it out. Watchdogs (the first one): awkward animations and combat, the hacking mechanics that weren’t fluid or as fun as shown in trailers, an open but empty world with regards to interactivity. It’s not just the over hype that can be a decision breaker to continue playing. Repetitive missions and the feeling of “been here done that already” game-play: go to this place, kill these people, travel all the way back to be rewarded with a weapon or an item that is useless because you’ve already got one or upgraded one that’s better. Go to the tower to open the world map but kill people first, then climb it, now do this over and over again while talking to one dimensional characters. Far Cry 4 I’m looking at you. Developers can get lazy and just copy and paste some game-play mechanics, same objectives and progression makers given aface lift. We often just get a thrown inon-line mode just to charge you full price. Tactics like that would make any gamer give up playing all together.


So these are just a few of the reasons I think stop us game lovers coming back to certain titles. Do any of the points mentioned relate to your own reasoning for not wanting to or not getting around to finishing a game? Leave a like and a comment down below letting us know. Thanks for reading!

Article written by Damien Witheridge and edited by Drew Lewis & Gillian Anderson

Hi guys, Damien here from PaXaN U.K. I’m an aspiring video game journalist. My mission is to bring you your dosage of gaming features, be it on old/new games, recommendations or just overall general thoughts on the gaming industry. Watch this space for more news and features. By all means if you  have an idea for a feature piece or something you’d like for me to cover; drop me a message on WeChat or email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. WeChat ID:  Pliskin14180   Email: damster77@googlemail.com​​​​​​​

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03 May 2018

By Damien Witheridge

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