A Delicious Investment in Your F&B Career

If you are working in the wine, hotel or restaurant industry, your boss or customers may ask you questions like these: 

What is the feature of Bordeaux Cabernet? What's the difference between Napa Valley Merlot and a Chilean Merlot from Central Valley? How does the ocean current affect the growing condition of different vineyards in the world? 

Could you answer these and other like them?  If you would like to upgrade your wine knowledge and take it to the next or more professional level, take a look at the upcoming Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) advanced course (WSET 3). 

WSET is one of the top internationally recognized wine certification courses in the world. Originated in London in 1969, it has become a 'Must-Have' credential for anyone who wishes to enter the wine industry or to enrich their wine knowledge in a systematic way. Some hotels and restaurants will select high potential staff to take this valuable course as they know that this 5-day intensive learning is very worthwhile for the premise and personal growth. 


Key areas of knowledge you will master in this course:

  1. Quality and style of the major wines in the world
  2. Describe the features and quality of wines in a professional and systematic way
  3. Taste the wines and describe precisely



  1. Wines and consumers
  2. Factors affecting style, quality and price
  3. Still wines in the world
  4. Sparkling wines in the world
  5. Fortified wines in the world

Sound simple? You may be wrong. The passing rate of the WSET Advance Exam is around 55% according to statistics and you need to pass both written and blind tasting exam in order to pass and get your certificate. 


Who Should Attend The Class?

If you are a true wine lover, hotelier, working in a fine dining premise, or wish to enter the fine drinks area for career, this course is for you.



Course Date: 15-19 June,2018 (during Chinese Dragon Boat Festival)
Time: 9:30-18:00 (for all of the 5 days)
Class size: 15 students
Teaching and Exam Language: English
Course fee: RMB 10,800 all inclusive - study pack, training fee, near 100 wines, exam fee and certificate fee.




Please reserve your seat by the following contact methods:

  1. Wehcat: angelannahk
  2. Email: annatam@enlighten-ment.com
  3. Cell phone: +86 135 3057 8545 and + 86 158 207 68930

See you soon and Cheers!

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26 Apr 2018

By Anna Tam

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