Aaron's Cause: A Story of Love and Compassion

There's something that is truly beautiful about birth. It's the first moments that every single one of us gets to breathe and see the huge world abroad. Sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience and Aaron is real proof of that. Who is Aaron? Well, I'm happy you asked, Aaron is a baby born here in Shenzhen from his mother Lully from Brazil. One of the worst things imaginable happened while Lully was giving birth to Aaron; his spinal cord was injured. This meant that Aaron is unable to move or breathe on his own. He needs tubes and machines to help him breathe. After many tests, it was determined that Aaron is tetraplegic; unfortunately, this is irreversible. 


Charity for Baby Aaron of Lully and Jahon, suffered spinal cord injury and now tetraplegic


Aaron's parents desperately spent countless nights attempting to figure out a way to at least make Aaron's life a bit better so that he could go out and experience the world while breathing on his own like all of us do. The parents eventually found out that they can do this with something called a Diaphragm Pacing device. It involves having a small bypass machine connected to Aaron's diaphragm, sending electrical signals that stimulate the diaphragm to contract and suck air into the lungs.


Baby Aaron of Lully and Jahon, suffered a spinal cord injury, is now tetraplegic, and needs a diaphragm pacing device


It was exciting news for his entire family to know that there was indeed a way to make Aaron's life better, but that miracle would not come cheap. The family is told the surgery would cost 3 MILLION RMB. Not having that kind of money, the family had no choice but to ask others for help.


Nowadays Aaron is one year old and his mother Lully has come up with multiple ways to which YOU can contribute to Aaron's cause and allow him to live a normal life just like you do. Many businesses in Shekou are creating fundraisers to raise money for Aaron but for an easy way to contribute, scan the QR code below or add Lully's WeChat to show some support, either motivational or economical, because after all, imagine how your life would be if you were deprived of the simplest thing we take for granted... breathing.


Charity for Baby Aaron of Lully and Jahon, suffered spinal cord injury and now tetraplegic




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Joao Pedro

About the Author: Joao Pedro

Joao Pedro is a Brazilian high schooler, who loves to write. He knows 3 languages, including English (U.K.), Spanish (Spain) and Portuguese (Brazil). Joao has also written four complete books and continues to write many more as life carries on. He has an interest for journalism, loves to inform his community and is currently a contributor for ShekouDaily. To contact Joao Pedro, email him at jpdavila2001@yahoo.com

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21 Mar 2017

By Joao Pedro D'avila

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