Children Receive Open Heart Surgery Thanks to Your Support

The Society of Petroleum Engineers held their annual Shrimp Cookoff in early December, 2018, at McCawley’s Bar and Grill in Sea World. The annual event is a charity function to raise funds for Heart to Heart Shanghai, a charity devoted to providing lifesaving open heart surgery for poor children throughout China. The December Shrimp Cook Off raised 50,000 RMB – enough to provide full surgery for 1 child and 2/3rd for a second child. 

The following note on the 2 surgeries is from Karen Carrington – Heart to Heart Shanghai Director: 

The first child to receive surgery at the Yoda Cardio-Thoracic Hospital in Shanghai is Zhang Ruifan - a 2 year old boy from Fujian province.  His family is in a lot of debt so they weren't able to borrow more money to get Zhang Ruifan the surgery he needed.   Due to your efforts and generosity, however, he had his much needed open heart surgery on March 28.  He has just been transferred from ICU to the Recovery Unit and is now doing well. His parents are really happy that he was able to have his surgery since there was no way that they ever would have been able to afford it without your help.  His life and chances going forward should be very different now - as will his family's.


Zhang Ruifan


The second child also received her surgery at the Yoda Cardio-Thoracic Hospital in Shanghai on March 28th.  Her name is Zhao Yanshu - a 6 month old girl from Shandong province. Her family has had some very unfortunate accidents that have permanently disabled several family members and have put them in such debt that it will take many, many years for them to get out of it.  As a result they would never have been able to borrow enough money for Zhao Yanshu's surgery.  Since she had TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot), she really needed the surgery as soon as possible. She has just been transferred from ICU to the Recovery Unit. 

Thank you for helping to provide needed surgeries for these 2 children.

Best Regards,


Zhao Yanshu


As the Chairman for the South China Sea Section of the SPE, I want to express my appreciation to all the volunteers, sponsors and cooking teams that made this event a success and provided the opportunity for the community to support these critically ill children,

Thank you,
Craig Davis 

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