Expat in Critical Condition Urgently Needs our Help

You may have already heard that Mrs. Preeti Maheshwari (pictured below), an expat schoolteacher in Shekou, Shenzhen, China, has been hospitalized since January 11th of this year, at the Nanshan People's Hospital (ICU Ward). 

She has been diagnosed with Acute Pneumonia, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS), and Septic Shock. The doctors have been working around the clock to find the reason for the sudden failure of most or all major organs, including her lungs, and have advised the family to prepare a substantial amount of money to continue and provide treatment.

There are quite a few articles being published regarding Preeti's situation, that according to the family contain some inaccuracies. We at ShekouDaily are in close communication with her family and are receiving information from the hospital regarding her condition, bills, and search for a treatment, and have verified the information presented here.

She has been unconscious since January 11th, and she is currently on External Lungs (Blue Box), Ventilator, Dialysis and she is undergoing a Blood Purification Process. Her situation overall is very critical.

Preeti is a loving member of the community with many friends and supporters who have so far already helped to raise over 100,000 rmb; however, she is still in critical condition and the hospital bills are racking up fast. 

She is blessed with two daughters (Prashansa & Navya) who study here in Shekou. Her Husband, Anshuman Gola is self-employed and runs a trading business in Zhongshan, Guzhen City. 

Please find it in your hearts to take a moment to scan the QR Code below to help the family cover the growing medical bills for her critical treatment and pray for her safe return to her family. 

This QR Code belongs to Preeti's husband. As many donations are coming in daily, there may be times were donations cannot be received due to transfer limitations. If that's the case, or if you prefer, you can also transfer directly to Preeti's bank account listed below.

{{{Update Jan 21: Fundraising goals have been met. Transfer details have been removed. The family thanks you for your support. More here}}}

As of January 15th, her medical bill was 164,454.32 rmb and is increasing daily. Her husband is meeting with doctors regulary, and has been asked to prepare at least another 300,000 to 400,000 rmb for her treatment, so we still have a long way to go.

A fundraising dinner has also been planned by her friends and colleagues to take place this Saturday evening (January 18th, from 6:30pm) at Masala Bites in Coastal Rose Garden 1, on Wanghai Road in Nanshan District of Shenzhen. Everyone is welcome to come join and show their support.

Whether you know Mrs. Preeti or not, and are debating making a donation to help, please consider that something like this can happen to anyone and helping to fund the identification of the cause of her illness and the search for an effective treatment is in all of our interests.

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16 Jan 2020

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