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Simon Says: Does a sitting tenant rights outweigh that of landlord’s spouse?

by Simon Choi on

Jack, the CEO of Jack Enterprises Ltd, recently fell in love with a Victoria Secrets model. As a wedding gift, he decided to give her one of his mansions, which was currently leased to Alex, as a gift. However, Jill, his new bride, didn’t want to ... Read full article

Simon Says: How to avoid your shop being sublet?

by Simon Choi on

Jack is the owner of a shop in the suburbs in Guangzhou, and he rented it to Bob, who opened a snake soup restaurant. They signed a three year tenancy agreement. Three months later, a customer got poisoned. Bob had forgotten to remove the venom fr... Read full article

Simon Says: Can a sale end a tenancy when a property is sold?

by Simon Choi on

After winning the lottery of twenty million Yuan, Jack decided that the first thing he would buy was a nice house downtown. He was tired of driving two hours to work every day. Jack had exactly in mind which flat he wanted, the manager, Bob’s hou... Read full article

Global Investment Forum by UK Investment Firm Held in Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen, China


The Global Investment Forum will take place on Thursday May 18th at Latina in Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. It is organized by Tilney -- The UK's largest private wealth manager with 25 billion USD under management and will focus ... Read full article

Simon Says: Your right of refusal as a sitting tenant

by Simon Choi on

Jack is an owner of a fashion boutique in Pudong, Shanghai, selling his own signature brand hi fashion. As business has been going well, he understands a warehouse at convenient location is necessary, and he decides instead of renting the warehouse, ... Read full article

Simon Says: Free Shares, a Trap or a Windfall?

by Simon Choi on

Jack and Jill are the founders of a coffee shop, Starsucks. Jack owns 40% of the shares, while Jill holds the other 60%. The registered capital of the company was 1 million, but Jack and Jill only paid a hundred thousand as they obviously didn’t hav... Read full article

Simon Says: Why it is necessary to clear up debts after dissolving a limited company

by Simon Choi on

Jack and Jill opened a company with limited liabilities last year to offer on-line food ordering and delivery service via They didn’t specifically set it up to con their customers and no health certificate was granted and no physi... Read full article

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Free Information Session in Shekou Saturday April 22nd

by Bromsgrove School on

Why are families from the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen clamouring to obtain entry to Bromsgrove School Mission Hills? These are several factors leading to the popularity and success. In partnership with the out... Read full article

Rabies Vaccination is Required by Law Every 12 Months! Here's how to get it FREE...


Love your dog? Start by vaccinating them! It's FREE and required by law! By law, all dogs must have rabies vaccination in Shenzhen. They have to be vaccinated every 12 months. From now on the rabies vaccination is FREE for all dogs. All other stan... Read full article

Simon Says: What happens when the Legal Representative exceeds his authority?

by Simon Choi on

What happens when the Legal Representative exceeds his authority?... Read full article

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