Get Ready for the Holidays at the Health and Wellness Fair

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and if you’re like most of us mere mortals, you’re likely to be bringing an extra few pounds into the new year. It’s no surprise that on average, we gain at least a pound during the holidays, and the higher our BMI, the more we are likely to gain.

If you haven’t already made an action plan to combat the unhealthy additions to your life you’re likely to accrue over the holidays, Saturday, November 3rd is your chance. The Shenzhen Health and Wellness Fair is in full swing that day at Vista International Medical Center in Nanshan, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stop by and have a look at its offerings to make sure you’re prepared for the coming onslaught of stuffing, desserts, and late-night attempts to make your own eggnog (it’s a thing). Admission is FREE to the public, and families are encouraged to bring their kids.

Classes: Tired of your normal workout routine and hoping to mix it up? Stop by one of our free classes and try a new form of exercise. In the lineup that day is hatha flow yoga, latin dance, insight yoga, Capoeira, Afro dance, and high intensity interval training. It doesn’t get more mixed-up than that! Use this opportunity to network with active people and find a few kind of movement that fits your lifestyle. Scan the QR code above to claim your free goody bag on arrival!

Vendors: Anybody looking for an opportunity to bring more healthy choices to their life will be pleased with the huge gathering of choices at the Fair. You’ll be able to get face-to-face with the people who offer goods and services that can contribute positively to your life, and ask them questions about their products. Not to mention, they’ll be offering coupons in your goody bag.

Food: The Fair will feature an offering of high-quality restaurants and food services in the Bay Area. Bésame Mucho, the new Mexican restaurant in Nanshan, will be in the line-up along with several other freshly-prepared options. Come try out all the offerings food-truck style, cooked to order and hand-picked by your fellow foodies.

Demos: Every fair features a lineup of health professionals showing you what they do well — whether it’s coking, mental health, taking care of our bodies, or even baby massage, come learn about something that will enrich your life.

In addition to a free and enlightening experience, every guest who registers will get a free goody bag. RSVP and claim your spot now by following the official Baylark account below and writing the message, “goody bag.”


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07 Oct 2018

By Patrice

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