Happy Birthday Liang Jin!

Today is Liang Jin's birthday. He will be 7 years old. 

Due to a need for some additional paperwork, he and his grandfather are in their hometown. Liang Jin will be able to celebrate his birthday with family and friends for the first time in two years. Kathy and Rudy accompanied them to their hometown. 


This has been an exciting year for Liang Jin. He has really grown a lot in so many areas. He has been receiving excellent educational support from a variety of teachers with Doris and Kathy being the primary teachers. Liang Jin has experienced an interest in so many areas and has been able to experience  museums, plays and music concerts.

He has made many new friends and has stepped up to the challenge to compete with them in an educational setting.

He has shown an aptitude for art and his paintings are amazing when you consider his past.

His passion for life and his open personality is both a challenge for him that he seems willing to accept and pursue everything that is placed in front of him. 

Please join me in wishing Liang Jin a happy birthday. 

Last year, on his birthday, we saw a surge in donations. I hope we can experience the same this year. 

Click here for more details about the Liang Jin story


Liang Jin Donation bank account:
Household name: shenzhen charitable association
Bank of China Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch Futian Sub-branch
Account No.: 1806 0144 000 0055

Account contributions must note: Deyiliangjin

1. 捐赠账户:
户     名:深圳市慈善会
开 户 行:中国民生银行深圳分行福田支行
帐 号:1806 0144 0000 0055            

Donations to the Tencent charity will be entered into the Shenzhen Charity Association's Deyi fund account. Every invoice can be invoiced.

The charity Tencent will monitor, the Shenzhen charity will monitor, and the group of organizers will also be monitoring it.

Personal donations can also be made via this WeChat QR Code (the page is in Chinese but it's intuitive to follow and donate):

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16 Aug 2019

By Dan Pippin

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