Liang Jin thanks police and firefighters who saved his life!

On September 3, 2019, through the efforts of Deyi charity association and Rudy and Kathy Diaz, Liang Jin and his grandfather got to meet and Thank the first responders, both police and firefighters, that saved Liang Jin from the fire and explosion that nearly took his life. The efforts of these brave people has allowed a miracle child to survive. Liang Jin is facing a challenge in his life but shows he is determined to persevere and fight through his troubled beginnings. The more challenges placed before him the more he thrives. Recently, a young Chinese boy began studying with Liang Jin when Liang Jin was getting his classes in English and Chinese. Liang Jin raised his efforts presented by a competitor in the assignments. He is a joy to be around and has a Great personality. He also likes to be mischievous in a playful manner. I hope all of you get the opportunity to meet him. While his appearance might catch your eye at first, within a couple of minutes you will not notice anything but a young boy with an open mind and an infectious laugh and demeanor.

First responders- police personnel, firefighters and on scene medical personnel- get on with their jobs of professionals looking out for the safety and security of all of us. It is not often that they get the recognition for their efforts. On September 3rd, 2019, Liang Jin and his grandfather had the opportunity to Thank the first responders in person. The first responders were touched by seeing the young boy, who they saved through their efforts. They know he has a long tough journey ahead of him but were amazed to see the determination to persevere in such a young boy. It made them proud to have saved his life through their efforts. I hope everyone will join me in thanking these brave individuals for their efforts.

Please remember that on September 9, 2019 is the second anniversary of the tragic event that resulted in Liang Jin's burns. Please help us continue our efforts to give this child a chance to reach his potential.Here is the Liang Jin fundraising QR code.


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05 Sep 2019

By Rudy

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