MyEinn’s Build of the Week: The Mustafar

MyEinn’s Build of the Week

May The 4th Be With You (only if you are a Sith) The Mustafar

MyEinn’s newest gaming rig in its series of PC builds of the week is a master of the Dark Side. Running on a Midi-Chlorian count that rivals Darth Sidious himself, this rig The Mustafar was built from the ground up for Battlefield 1 in 4K. Cramming all that power into a small case and adding red accents with MyEinn’s LED controller ensures the rig looks as good as it runs.

AMD’s newest Ryzen 7 chips are built from the ground up to have enough power to run the Death star. 8 cores and 16 processing cores allow you to run your new empire. Adding in AMD’s SenseMI Technology which takes advantage of Neural Net Prediction means your AMD Ryzen 7 will use AI to boost your system before you even ask for it. So now even your CPU can use the force.

HyperX has always been at the forefront of memory technology and proved it again this year by releasing its outrageous Predator line of RAM. Clocking in at up to 3600 MHz, this memory is the perfect fit for any rig that is running at lightspeed and will keep your system running at its peak even during those long gaming sessions.

KingSpec’s 256GB SATA-III SSD storage drive is the perfect companion for a Sith. With its 514/310 R/W speed, the KingSpec SSD will boot up all your Death star operating systems and games with ease. KingSpec is one of the leading SSD manufacturers in the world and with its 3 year multi galaxy warranty you know your data is in safe hands.

Cramming all this power into a dark black case and red LED fans is not something a Jedi would do. Only a Sith Lord with his/her highly tuned senses and connection to the force would understand that big cases with blue or green are a waste of time. Want one for yourself? Contact the only foreigner run PC Gaming store in China over at MyEinn.

The Mustafar components:

GPU:  Nvidia Manli Gallardo GTX 1080


CPU:  AMD Ryzen 7 1800X

RAM: HYPERX Predator 3200Mhz 8GB x 2

SSD: KingSpec 2.5” SSD 256GB

PSU: HuntKey 600W MVP

Chassis: AIGO Mid Case W/ MyEinn LED Accents

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04 May 2018

By Kevin

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