Rabies Vaccination is Required by Law Every 12 Months! Here's how to get it FREE...

Love your dog?  Start by vaccinating them! It's FREE and required by law!


By law, all dogs must have rabies vaccination in Shenzhen.  They have to be vaccinated every 12 months.


From now on the rabies vaccination is FREE for all dogs. All other standard vaccination cost between 80 -120rmb per vaccination.


Below are some brands I find to be safe to use on your dog: 

 * Nobivac ( AKZO-NOBLE ), 

 * Merial and Virbac ( France ),

 * Pfizer ( USA )

Rabies Vaccinations in Shenzhen China



Below is a short list of recommended veterinarians in the Shekou area:


 * Dr. Shi at Do Help Pet Hospital in Coastal Rose Garden 2 No.44

 * Dr. Deng at Ruipeng Pet Hospital Coastal Rose Garden 2 No.25

 * Doctor Beck and Stone at ZhaoShang East Road No.60. 

 * Dr. Tan at Puppy Town Animal Hospital at No.101-10 Haichang Street



REMEMBER: You must take white card for keep rabies vaccination records after the shots every time.

Dog Vaccination Record for Rabbies in China



This article was provided by JUDY'S DOG RESCUE: helping dog's quality of life.

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