Second Special SWIS Mo Bros Movember Meetup & Podcast

In the second of the SWIS Mo Bros Movember Podcasts series, we were joined by Patrick Mc Donagh, from the SWIS PE Department.  Alongside him was Phenix, a very happy parent of two SWIS children and Gary Isse from ShekouDaily.



Phenix, provided a delicious Hamburger lunch today for the 17 Movember Men at SWIS courtesy of Xpats Village Pub HuangGang Village.



We are very greatful of his generous donation to the SWIS Teachers in aid of Movember.



Matthew Franklin, another one of our SWIS Teachers joined the show to stress the importance of regular check ups for men. He told us how during Movember last year he went for a health check up and discovered that he had pre-cancerous cells. His story is very interesting and a timely reminder of the importance of looking after your health.



Finally, we hear from Gary, who reminded us of the Movember event Sally mentioned last week at Terrace on 30th November where people can donate to charity and get their mustache shaved.



Listen to the show for more details!

Click the play button in the bar below to start listening or right-mouse click here and select 'SAVE AS' to download the mp3 file to listen to it at your convenience.



Listen, Like, Learn


We will also be meeting on 01 December at Evil Duck in Fumin (not Futian MTR Robert) for the end of November SWIS Party. More details to follow.... 


To donate to our team visit 


Contact if you want to sponsor a month on our upcoming Movember calendar.



Happy Christmas from SWIS ROC RADIO



The SWIS Mo Bros will also be meeting up and recording one additional Movember podcasts on Friday November 23rd, sponsored Kafe Kitchen to continue to raise money for and awareness of Movember. 




ShekouDaily is proud to support the SWIS Mo Bros, and other community charities, in their efforts to raise funds for and awareness of the Movember Foundation for men's health issues. Scan the QR Code below to follow and or to contact ShekouDaily.

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17 Nov 2018

By Eugene Leonard

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