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Simon Says: Can you claim your medical bills with a third party’s social insurance card?


Jack, a native of Nanjing, is an ordinary laid-off worker. He had been leading a peaceful life. Unexpected that a severe illness struck him recently, and he had to stay in a hospital in Nanjing for a long-term medical treatment. Jack’s bill could not... Read full article

Simon Says: Are you out if there is an office romance?

by Simon Choi on

Jack works in a Fintech in Shanghai. Although he has a decent income, he often feels lonely. Jack sighed: “I have a successful career but there is no one around me. I have even no one to talk to and to share with. It’s too distressing!” Not long t...... Read full article

Simon Says: Can Management fees be increased without consent of owners?

by Simon Choi on

Carrie lives in the Twin Towers, a classy community in Hangzhou, which is managed by Swindle Property Management. Swindle initially charged a management fee of 2 Yuan per square meter for a period of five years at the time it was appointed, but t...... Read full article

Simon Says: Can an owner refuse to sell after signing a contract?

by Simon Choi on

Jack and Jill are a newly-wed couple living in Hangzhou, China. Jack’s father decided to give them 5 million to choose a flat as a wedding gift. After searching for a month, they found their perfect cozy little flat to live in. They signed a sal...... Read full article

Simon Says: Who should be liable for an unidentified falling object?

by Simon Choi on

One fine evening, Jack was walking his Samoyed in the streets of Beijing. He heard a noise above and stopped to look up. It seemed to be a couple having a fight. Suddenly, down came a beer bottle and Jack got hit in the head. The poor man fainte...... Read full article

Simon Says: Is crowdfunding illegal in China?

by Simon Choi on

Steven Iceberg was a fresh graduate from the Beijing Film Academy, and he majored in directing. One of his classmates, Roald Dial was a writer with super fans on his ibooks about the scary dinosaurs and Steven is also a big fan of his stor...... Read full article

Simon Says: Can preemptive right stop any transfer of shares?

by Simon Choi on

Jack, Dan and Com own, one of the largest e-commerce corporation based in Beijing. Com owns 80% of the shares and is the legal representative, and Jack and Dan each own 10%. They are all directors of Jill, a graduate from the Centr...... Read full article

Simon Says: Who compensates you if you get injured in a shopping mall?

by Simon Choi on

Jackson was shopping with his dad, Jack in Kerry Centre, Chengdu. He wanted to get his dad a Chinese Tunic Suit as a birthday present, as his dad loved Chinese style clothing. After buying the suit, his dad, as a diabetic, needed to use the toil...... Read full article

Simon Says: Can Property Management Office cut off your water supply?

by Simon Choi on

Jill is a resident of the Beverly Hill in the suburb of Guangzhou, a luxury prime location where many listed companies’ CEOs and the billionaires reside. One day, when she returned home late night, she found that all the things in her home were turne... Read full article

Simon Says: Is kindergarten liable if your kid gets injured at school?

by Simon Choi on

Jack and Jill have a 3-year old kid, Alex, and he goes to the best kindergarten in Guangzhou, Happy Kindergarten. One day, Alex returned home crying, holding his right hand. It was rather red in colour, and Alex refused to eat food out of his bow...... Read full article

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