Simon Says: Can Management fees be increased without consent of owners?

This is the thirty-sixth in a weekly series of legal advice provided in a short and entertaining story format.


每周轻松有趣法律常識故事系列 - 第36篇



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Can Management fees be increased without consent of owners?




Carrie lives in the Twin Towers, a classy community in Hangzhou, which is managed by Swindle Property Management. Swindle initially charged a management fee of 2 Yuan per square meter for a period of five years at the time it was appointed, but they decided to increase it to 4 Yuan per square meter in order to increase earnings a year later.




Intrigued, Carrie went up to them to inquire about this sudden increase. Bob, the general manager of Swindle, replied, “Inflation, Carrie, inflation. Everything is getting more expensive this year, and so do the management fees.”


Carrie对此感到莫名其妙,于是向Swindle询问了一番。 Swindle的总经理Bob这样回答道:“Carrie,通货膨胀,通货膨胀呀。今年一切都变得越来越贵了,管理费也是如此。”


“I know inflation exists, but surely not by one-fold? I am definitely not paying for this increase, and I am sure other owners will not pay as well.” Carrie spat. “Don’t pay then, we will be forced to cut down costs by half, like laying off half the security guards. How would you like that? And the security cameras too, I will sell half of them.”




“We chose Swindle because you’ve pledged a fair price and quality service. Try raising the fee by one penny, and you shall receive nothing at all.” Carrie said.




Can Carrie and other owners refuse to pay the management fee?


那么,Carrie 和其他业主能否拒绝支付增收的管理费?


 Simon Says - Episode 36: Can Management fees be increased without consent of owners?


Prof Simon Says:



Among others, management fee is a contractual term of the property management contract and, like other terms, such term can only be adjusted by taking considerations of customer price index (CPI) in general together with other factors.




The property management contract determines the rights and obligations of the Property Management Office and the owners and if the property management company increases the management fee on its own merits, it amounts a change of contract terms unilaterally. Any amendment of a contract term, it needs explicit consent from owners or it needs displaying the notice of increase with justified reasons, for example CPI, failing which the owners have the right to refuse to accept such change.




However, if management office provides its services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Management Contract, and the owners should pay the management fees in full and on time. Also under China’s Contract Law, there are the principles of integrity and creditability imposed to the parties.




Therefore, Carrie, as an owner may refuse to pay the increased portion of the fee but not all. The reason is such portion is changed unilaterally by the Property Management Office without consent of the owner.




Contract Law of the People’ Republic of China (1999)


Article 8 Binding Effect; Legal Protection A lawfully formed contract is legally binding on the parties. The parties shall perform their respective obligations in accordance with the contract, and neither party may arbitrarily amend or terminate the contract.







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03 Nov 2017

By Simon Choi

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