Summer PURPLE Party for HarMoniCare Foreign Members | July 1st

Don't have plans for next Sunday night yet? Well,you do now! Bring your purple and we are cordially inviting you (yes,YOU!) to join HarMoniCare on a fun party of activities,food,wine and sightseeing.Get excited,as attendees will be able to experience a CPTG essential oil massage by dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and live music meditation by RELAX,as well as networking with friends from different countries and winning a lot of prizes from our sponsors.Let's rock !



Schedule / 行程

17:30-18:00 Registration 签到

18:00-18:30 TCM Sharing 中医文化分享

18:30-19:10 Oil Massage Experience & Delicate Chinese Soup 精油按摩体验,品尝中式饮品

19:10-19:45 RELAX Live Music Meditation 现场音乐冥想

19:45-21:00 Wine, Desserts,Lucky Draw & Networking 红酒点心,社交抽奖

21:00 Free Nantou Tour 南头古城自由行


Special Guests


Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

RELAX Live Music Meditation

Delicate Chinese Soup & Desserts

Lucky Draw & Social Networking 

We look forward to seeing you there!我们期待您的参与!

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26 Jun 2018

By HarMoniCare

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