Tencent's September community charity days.

This year,on September 7,8,and 9th, tencent's September community charity days event takes place. 

Liang Jin's charity is taking part in this event , as an approved charity. 

During these three days, Liang Jin's charity will be selling merchandise and holding a raffle. So far, three restaurants located in Rose Garden 2 will be hosting events. Merchandise and raffle tickets will be being sold at various times at all three locations. 

The restaurants are Les 5 Chefs, Boathouse and Volfoni

Please read the future articles for further details about the activities being held at each location. 

今年9月7日、8日和9日是腾讯举行的一年一度99公益日活动。梁晋的慈善项目将通过腾讯公益平台公开参与此次活动。在这三天里,梁晋慈善项目团队将出售特别定制的义卖商品并举行抽奖活动。 到目前为止,活动将在位于玫瑰花园二期的三家餐厅举行。 商品和抽奖券将在所有三个地点的不同时间出售。 餐厅包括5 Chefs,Boathouse和Volfoni。 有关每个地点的活动的详细信息,请阅读后续文章。


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01 Sep 2019

By Dan

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