Thank you to so many Wonderful people

During the Tencent care giving charity event that took place on September 7th, 8th and 9th, 2019, I had the good fortune to participate. This event gave me the opportunity to meet so many Wonderful people. First, I would like to express Thank you to the Deyi charity association for their support and efforts. Next, I would like to Thank Kathy and Rudy Diaz for their efforts and support plus the additional volunteers that they provided. Rita and her staff from the Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats provided an essential role in their efforts for supporting the event's activities. They made Liang Jin's story more well known in the community. Thank you for all your efforts. The Shenzhen International schools parents alliance - SISPA, thank you for your continued support and efforts for Liang Jin. SISPSA has spread the word regarding Liang Jin around the globe. Their first event for Liang Jin was at a Christmas bazaar held at E-Cool last Christmas. Kathy and LiYe have been instrumental in keeping the story of Liang Jin circulating. SWIC- Shekou Women's International Club has been involved in donating to Liang Jin for a long time. First, the SWIC card group was involved and they spread the word through their organization. Thank you ladies for your support and caring. Several companies donated money and items to support the events. They have asked for no recognition for their support but only wish the best for Liang Jin. Part of the money was spent on custom merchandise that was sold during the events. Items donated were used in a lucky draw with the proceeds going to the charity fund. The support from such Great companies is required in order to be able to make the events successful. Thank you for your generosity and support. Three restaurants located in Rose Garden 2 had special events to support Liang Jin. On September 7th, the boathouse donated the restaurant receipts from 5p.m until 8p.m.. Thank you to Carl and the staff at the boathouse for all your efforts and support. On September 8th, Volfoni donated their pizza receipts from 5p.m until 8p.m. Thank you to Owen and his staff for all your efforts and support. On September 9th, the Les5 Chefs donated their receipts for their special meals of roasted leg of lamb and prime beef dishes. This is the third event that Les 5chefs has held in support of Liang Jin. Their support has been unwavering and they promise more in the future. A special thank you to Harry, Claudio and their staff. The Nanshan International Cultural exchange and service center located at Imperial park, across Wanghai road from Sea world, is doing an event for Liang Jin. A special Thank you to the cultural center and the Zhaoshan government for helping with the efforts for Liang Jin. And as always , I want to Thank Shekou Daily for all their help in handling our communication needs with their support for Liang Jin. Gary Isse and his staff have been always been available to assist in helping us spread the information regarding our events and the Liang Jin story.

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13 Sep 2019

By Dan

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