The 2018 World Cup So Far... and What's Next

It was almost impossible to avoid these last two weeks, but the FIFA World Cup is well under way. With the group stage just finished, we don’t need to track who needs to score how many goals or which team needs to avoid yellow cards to enter the knockout stages anymore; from here on it’s win or go home! But not before we look back on the most defining moments ofthe past two weeks!


Admitted; he is one of the great players of this time who can control a long pass like no other, and use his technical skills to make defenders look like fools, but during this World Cup Neymar has especially distinguished himself by diving and complaining to refs. Will he lift the World Cup at the end of the tournament or is he going for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role?


The plane was ready to take off already to return the Argentinian team to Buenos Aires, but Messi and Rojo decided otherwise! With two superb goals against the Nigerians they kept the Albicelestes dream- and discussions on the office floor on who is the Greatest Of All Time, Messior Ronaldo - alive. However, the Man of the Match was without a doubt once more… Diego Armando Maradona! Looking possessed by dark powers (or white powders) after the first goal by Messi, he topped off his performance bypassing out first, and then flipping the bird to opposing fans after Rojo’s1-2!


And last, but not least, Germany! As Gary Lineker said:"Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes andat the end, the Germans always win." finally seems to be a thing of the past. For the first time since 1938 the Germans don’t advance to the second round, and in the 21stcentury, they’ve always reached the semi-finals! After first losing to Mexico, Kroos seemed to be saving die Mannschaft with his 95th minute goal against the Swedes. Statistically the most likely to go through, however they faltered on the last day against the Koreans. Thanks to the Video Assistant Referee, which rightly allowed a South Korean goal that looked to be off-side at first sight;and the South Korean goalie who stopped every ball coming his way; the Mexicans can prepare themselves for a next round meet-up with Brazil.


All-in-all, it has been a spectacular two weeks with surprising results - England certain of the knockout stages after two games; exciting games - Spain vs Ronaldo, and new contenders - Croatia anyone? 


With the knockout stages starting tonight, there sure will be a lot more thrills and drama to look forward to! No more excuses or lifelines! Only winning counts from now on! 


As you can see in the schedule below, it'll be Messi and friends vs a tough French team tonight at 10pm, after which the Uruguayans can set their teeth in an outstanding Ronaldo at 2am.



This article was written and provided by Jacques Peeters of George & Dragon British Pub. If you're looking for a place to watch the games, stop by George & Dragon at Shop No 3, Behind Taizi Hotel on Taizi Road across from Sea World. 2669-8564.

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30 Jun 2018

By Jacques Peeters

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