Useful Coronavirus-related Chinese Phrases Everyone Should Know

Let's take advantage of our extra free time and learn some Chinese. Here is a list of some phrases that may be useful these days considering everyone is talking about the Coronavirus. Learning these may even help to keep you and your loved ones more safe. Read them below and or listen to the audio recording for their proper pronunciation.

Guān zhuàng bìng dú
   冠        状       病   毒

Nǐ  fā shāo ma
你 发   烧     吗?
Do you have a fever?

Wǒ méi fā shāo
我    没  发   烧
I do not have a fever.

Nǐ zuì jìn qù guò wǔ hàn ma
你 最  近 去   过   武  汉    吗?
Have you been to Wuhan recently?

Wǒ zuì jìn méi qù guò wǔ hàn
 我   最 近  没  去   过   武   汉
I have not been to Wuhan recently.

Wǒ cóng lái méi qù guò wǔ hàn
 我    从    来 没   去   过   武  汉
I have never been to Wuhan.

Nǐ bì  xū dài kǒu zhào.
你 必 须  戴   口    罩
You must wear a mask.

Zài nǎ lǐ kě yǐ mǎi  dào kǒu zhào
在  哪 里可以  买    到   口     罩?
Where can I buy a mask?

Qǐng wèn yǒu kǒu zhào mài ma?
  请     问    有    口     罩   卖    吗
Do you have any masks for sale?

Wǒ méi yǒu gǎn jué bú shū fú
我    没   有    感   觉  不  舒  服
I do not feel sick.

Wǒ gǎn mào le
我    感   冒   了
I am sick.

Coronavirus-Related Chinese

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