Misunderstandings and a lack of preparedness can easily turn the fun and excitement of Halloween into devastating horror. Death, dismemberment, and permanent dis-figuration are just a few examples of the consequences.


Follow these quick safety tips, and share them with your friends and family, to be sure everyone you know has a safe and enjoyable Halloween.



TIP #1: Tone down your acting.

Halloween is a great time to showcase your acting skills. Some of us where just born to be vampires and zombies and we're really good at pretending to be them. But watch out! Some people might not realize you're acting and may try to defend themselves! Limit your real serious acting to 3-5 seconds at a time and break it up with the occasional smile or burst of laughter so those around you don't actually think you're trying to suck their blood or eat their brains.

Safety tips




TIP #2: Be ready to jump or run

I don't know if I'm just watching too many WeChat videos or what, but it seems that China has an unusually high rate of people killing other people by intentionally running over them with their cars. Whatever the reason, just make sure whatever costume you're wearing is well-padded and doesn't obstruct your vision. You'll want to be able to see any killer cars coming your way so you can run or jump out of the way quickly.

Safety tips


TIP #3: Don't wear flammable costumes

We all know that China has a lot of smokers. Keep this in mind when planning your Halloween costume; especially if you're planning to go out to the bars or clubs. Unless you're planning to dress up as a fireball, be sure to pick fire-retardant clothing and make up when putting together you're costume. And please don't wear too much hairspray! Remember MJ.

 Michael Jackson's Hair on Fire


TIP #4: Don't eat, ingest, or put glow-in-the-dark liquids in your eyes

I know that it looks really cool, and the packages usually says non-toxic. But breaking open a glow stick and gargling with it so that your mouth glows in the dark, or putting it in your eyes so you look like a freaky monster is just plain wrong. It may not cause any extreme health hazards, but you're going to have a difficult time explaining that to your colleagues at work on Monday. I knew a guy in college that did this once and the glowing lasted for days. Don't be that guy. 





Tip #5: Take care of your pets

Some of you have super cool pets that you just have to bring out with you on Halloween. Luckily, this isn't a Chinese holiday with large amounts of fireworks or loud noises, but there are still safety hazards to be aware of. If you're going to take your pet out, don't dress them up like hot dogs, tacos, bananas or other food objects. You don't need to give people another reason to want to eat fluffy.




Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!



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