Aside from a couple of fighters that couldn't resist coming back for more, there's fresh meat stepping into the ring at Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night. We've got the line-up listed below; however, we first want to spend a few minutes going over some great changes and improvements that are sure to make this event one that you won't want to miss.


We met with John Graham, the organizer of the event and founder of Project 0/1 and were impressed by how much the event has grown, the effort they've been putting into this, and the direction it's going in. Here's a peek at what to expect this Saturday December 9th from 7pm to midnight. Whether you've been to one of these fights before or not, here are seven reasons why you should come to this one.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1


New Venue

This is the fifth White Collar Fight Night organized by Project 0/1 and the third to take place in Shenzhen. With each event there's a new venue. This time, the fights will be held at one of the city's finest hotels in Futian District's CBD, the Shenzhen Sheraton. It's a great location with plenty of seating. In fact, there are 17 first-row tables, 22 second-row tables, and 28 third row tables. The layout is fantastic, with tables circled around the ring, giving almost every one of the 670 seats a great view of the ring.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Table Layout at Sheraton


New Dinner Style

This is the second time food will be served to spectators of the White Collar Fight Night in Shenzhen. At the previous event, the food was brought out in typical Chinese fashion; however at this event, the organizers are preparing to excite fans with food and wine pairings as much as with the fights. Each of the four carefully selected courses will be specifically paired to a delicious wine, all included in the ticket price.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Food & Wine Pairing Menu


New Charity

After supporting Captivating in their first event and A Heart for China in their second, Project 0/1's 3rd White Collar Fight Night in Shenzhen will be supporting Jet Li's One Foundation; which provides humanitarian support and addresses issues related to education, health, poverty and the environment. The foundation also aspires to encourage mass participation in philanthropic giving and volunteering and provides a platform to promote social sector development in China. The money raised at Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night will be earmarked for childcare and disaster relief management programs.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Jet Li One Foundation


New Auction Style

For those that love attending auctions you'll be glad to know that there will still be an auction taking place with proceeds going to Jet Li's One Foundation. For those that found the auctions a bit boring and dragged out before, we've got good news for you too. This time, the fighters will personally be taking part in auctioning off the items; which should add an interesting twist, especially since this will be after their respective fights. Plus, there are some pretty amazing items being auctioned off, for example this autographed photo of Mike Tyson.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Mike Tyson Autographed Photo


New Dress Code

Actually, it's always been a black-tie event; however, the last two were a bit laxed in their dress code enforcement. The year, the organizers are more heavily emphasizing the strict dress code (bow tie and evening gown) so you can expect the crowd to dress to impress as much as the event will.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Black Tie Event


The After-Party

This time around, no one knows yet exactly where the after party will be held. Why? Because it'll all depend on who wins the final fight of the night. All we know for sure is that the after party will be held in Coco Park. If Josh wins, the after party will be held at Glass Hammer. If YHS wins, the party will be held at Rave House. This should add a bit more pressure to the fighters and emotional swings to the after party celebrations.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Final Bout


New Charity Fundraiser Wager System

As in the last two events, ShekouDaily has helped to coordinate friendly wagers to help raise money for the supported charity. This year we'll do the same; however, there's a new platform that helps to keep everyone informed in real-time. If you're interested in joining this friendly fundraiser, scan the qr code below to add ShekouDaily and details will be provided.


ShekouDaily WeChat Contact QR Code


As if the above seven reasons weren't enough to ensure a spectacular and memorable evening, there's also an exciting (mostly) new line-up of fighters. Don't be late as each of these fights are worth watching; especially bout #6 which according to insiders, is sure to be one of the hottest fights of the night.


Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Fight Line-up 1 of 2

Shenzhen's 3rd White Collar Fight Night - Project 0/1 - Fight Line-up 2 of 2


If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you may be out of luck; however, it's not impossible if you move fast. For more info add WeChat ID: jewelli8899. If you're looking for individual tickets and can't find them, let us know as we may be able to help you find an empty seat at someone else's table.


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