Despite the coronavirus pandemic, plans are still moving ahead for some amazing additions to the city.

▲On December 23, 2019, in Houhai District of Shenzhen Bay, the commencement ceremony of the first batch of projects of "top ten cultural facilities of the new era" and the foundation laying activity of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza project were held. News reporter Huang Xuebo



On the afternoon of June 12, MAD authorized "Youfang space" to release the latest plan of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza they designed. According to the plan, Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza will include the Shenzhen Creative Design Museum and Shenzhen Science and ife Museum, which are among the "top ten new cultural facilities" in Shenzhen. The two pavilions are equipped with an overhead central axis landscape bridge. Super high-rise special exhibition hall provides a shocking exhibition

▲Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza concept animation

Led by Ma Yansong, MAD architectural office is responsible for the project scheme design. On June 12th, they published the latest scheme of the project on social media.

MAD architectural firm was founded in 2002 by architect Ma Yansong in the United States, and moved to Beijing in 2004. In 2006, MAD won the international open competition of Monroe tower, a super high-rise building in Toronto, Canada, and became the first Chinese design firm to obtain international large-scale architectural design rights. In the same year, MAD won the young architect award of the New York architectural Union.


                                   Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza

                            Shenzhen Creative Design Museum + Shenzhen science life Museum   

▲Panorama of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Square                                                       

Project information

Project location: Houhai District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Project time: 2018-2023, expected to be completed in 2023
Base area: About 51000 square meters
Total construction area: 182000 square meters
North Hall height: 31 meters
South hall height: 52 meters
Designer: mad


                                       Panoramic planning         

                              The combination of natural atmosphere and future power


▲Overall planning of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Plaza

The entrance square is connected with the lawn and the interactive pool, and the two Bay passages lead the pedestrians directly through the north and South exhibition halls, allowing the city and public space to connect freely. The glass curtain of the pavilion allows people in the park to see the activities of the pavilion. The Bay passage is decorated with colorful lights, interactive information bars and art windows to create a dynamic atmosphere.

The exhibition space of different specifications and heights makes the whole green slope fluctuate with it. The stone group crosses the green slope or floats on the green slope, connecting the whole covered square.

▲The main body of the building is the covered earth square, landscape architecture and underground public exhibition space

Visitors at any place in the square can reach the elevated viewing platform through stairs and footpaths. The whole square space integrates sports, climbing and rest areas, and has multiple platforms to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the square from different angles.

▲Aerial view of Shenzhen Bay Cultural Square

North South Exhibition Hall Complex

With an overhead central axis Landscape Bridge

Creative Design Museum and Life Science Museum form the North and South exhibition buildings. Between the two pavilions, there is an overhead central axis landscape bridge, which can also reach the roof theater. Comfortable and reasonable exhibition space is provided in the museum. The public space of the exhibition is spread horizontally on the first floor, and the temporary exhibition hall of culture and technology is mainly distributed on this floor.

▲The central landscape bridge between the two pavilions can reach the rooftop Theater

The public exhibition hall with various functions is divided into green slope area exhibition hall, stone group exhibition hall and underground exhibition hall. Architects use a lot of natural light to break the boundaries of indoor and outdoor, so that thinking is not constrained by space.

▲Super high-rise special exhibition hall provides a shocking exhibition effect

The special exhibition hall in the stone group is the finishing touch of the whole museum. On the natural green covered roof, "water falls and rocks emerge". The diversity of natural stone forms provides a flexible and shocking exhibition space effect for the interior architectural space. The floor height is 30 meters, and there is an exhibition area of 3000 square meters in horizontal direction. Natural light penetrates the room in half hidden and half solid stones.

▲The natural light penetrates into the room through stone, making the space more dynamic and time-consuming

Shared education area

 Across two floors, combining commercial and catering facilities


The education area spans two floors, connecting the entrance square on the first floor and the bay passage. The public spaces of the two underground pavilions are connected from north to south. The architects make full use of the large-scale space under the green slope, and invigorate the pavilions with a combination of commercial and catering services.

The shared education area has a 720 seat multi-functional exhibition hall and a 300 seat lecture hall. The exhibition hall uses dark materials with sound absorption performance to create an excellent performance environment. Cultural theater, library and characteristic stone cafe are also built here.

▲Under the green slope lies the multi-functional public space

▲In the public space under the green slope, you can see the activities in the exhibition hall through the glass window

                  Multifunctional public space

Connect exhibition halls to create outdoor museum experienc

The multi-functional public space connects the exhibition halls in series, and the core activity area is the central square, where 10000 people can hold large-scale activities. The mirror pool reflects the urban buildings and makes people linger; the music fountain adds the festival atmosphere, the stage in the center of the pool becomes the best seaside theater, and the public space for art installation and sculpture exhibition can be used to hold international art festivals and exchange exhibitions.

Roof viewing platform, open-air theater and sunken courtyard provide a new and exploratory public space for the city, and create a dynamic outdoor museum experience with landscape design and artistic devices.

▲The stage in the mirror pool of the central square, the night by the sea is bright because of the cultural activities


Traffic planning and design

Connect Shenzhen Talent Park and create a natural city "living room"


The layout of Shenzhen Bay cultural square extends the city's central axis to the seaside, and Dengliang Road, the city's main road, partially sinks, connects Shenzhen Talent Park, forming a continuous open space. The public space will be built into the "separate body" of the city, so that people can experience the nourishment of culture and art from different perspectives, and experience the integration of urban life into nature. This huge urban public space will be the "guest hall" full of natural atmosphere in Shenzhen in the future.

▲The central axis of the city extends to the seaside due to the square design, forming a continuous open space

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