As the year draws to a close, we'd like to take a moment to thank you, our readers for another wonderful year. In 2017, we saw a 50% increase in our readership compared to last year!

We've had an increasing number of contributors as well that have helped us towards our mission of helping English-speakers live happy, healthy and prosperous lives in Shenzhen. We've also been fortunate enough to partner with a growing number of local businesses and supporters to help bring great events to the community, and continue to grow our free community directory and newsletters that share English-Language news and resources.

We'd also like to extend a special thanks to the Shekou Angels, members of an exclusive program started in August of this year, who have also contributed greatly, not only in providing some much needed financial support, but also in helping to spread the word about what we do here at ShekouDaily.

We look forward to continuing on with our mission together with you and making 2018 another great year here in Shenzhen! If you're going out tonight, please be sure to check out these important tips and notice we've received from the police.

In case you missed them, we thought we'd compile a list of a few of the top stories of the year. Take care, stay safe and we wish you happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

Year of the Crackdowns

2017 may go down has the year of the crackdowns here in Shenzhen. Outdoor seating at some of our favorite bars, cafes and restaurants has seen a serious decline this year. Although the crackdown on casual outdoor seating started in late 2016, the biggest effects were seen this year. Aside from one business who has already announced they're leaving Coastal Rose Garden 2 due to this, it seems most of the businesses are still doing alright; however, the area does now often look like abandoned ghost town compared to the vibrant scenes of the past.

One of the biggest losers this year may arguably be e-bike riders. 2017 saw massive crackdowns on those operating motorized bikes throughout Shekou. and it doesn't look like this will let up in 2018. Like the outdoor seating issue, this also started in late 2016; however, 2017 saw periods were confiscations were happening on almost a daily basis. For a while ShekouDaily was posting articles each time we heard that police were out confiscating e-Bikes somewhere; however, it had gotten so common that we decided to start a WeChat group instead and stopped posting directly to the ShekouDaily platform. If you're interested in joining this group to receive notifications, please contact us and we'll add you.

In 2016, a massive operation was launched by the immigration department to get foreigners to register their addresses, as required by law. There was somewhat of an amnesty period given where fines were either not given or they were very low. In 2017, however, fines were firmly in place and immigration was out confronting un-registered foreigners or those working illegally:

When Shenzhen Bay Port opened, it added a whole new level of convenience for us here in Shekou to visit Hong Kong. In 2017, unfortunately, some of that convenience disappeared as checkpoints between Shenzhen and Hong Kong added restrictions forcing people out of vehicles when crossing the border.

Many of the recently crackdowns on businesses may be a direct result of the many fires we've seen this year. Luckily, no one was serious injured in these fires; however, they definitely drew plenty of attention. One complex, Milan Apartments, saw two fires there this year!

Some Good News too!

Of course, 2017 wasn't all about crackdowns, fire and bad news. There's been plenty of good stuff too! Here's a list of a few of them: 

Aside from all that, we also had plenty of fun! So many in fact, that we can't list them all; however, here are a few:


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