Traffic is going to be a mess in major parts of the city this weekend. Preparations are underway for the Shenzhen Marathon and traffic notices and limitations are already being posted.

The Shenzhen Marathon will go on from 8am to 2pm Sunday December 17th; however, roads will be closed or influenced starting midnight on Saturday December 16th so please take precautions.

Roads to avoid:

  • Shennan Avenue (from west to east)
  • West Shahe Road 
  • Wanghai Road (From north to south)
  • Middle Shennan Road 
  • East Shennan Road

Suggestions from the traffic department:

  1. Make a detour during the race time.
  2. Since the marathon route includes the West Shahe Road and Wanghai Road, it will influence the traffic of Shenzhen Bay Port. 
  3. The traffic around Shenzhen Bay park will also be influenced. It is better to go after 14:00 on Sunday.
  4. Please pay attention to the traffic signs of each road influenced.


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