Construction of the installation of steel ladders to improve passenger flow on the platform is taking place for about one month at Gaoxinyuan Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 1.


Gaoxinyuan Station of Metro Line 1

Located in the heart of Nanshan Science and Technology Park


"In recent years, the passenger flow at the Gaoxinyuan Station has increased significantly. At present, the daily average passenger volume of the station has exceeded 137,000 passengers. The passenger flow during the morning and evening peak hours in particular is about 74,000, accounting for about 54% of the total passenger flow throughout the day."

To speed up passenger flow and further improve the efficiency and service level of passenger circulation, Shenzhen Metro plans to install two steel ladders on the platform of Gaoxinyuan Station.

The construction started on the evening of January 3 and is expected to be completed on February 9 of this year. After the steel ladder is put into use, passenger capacity is expected to increase by 49.5%.

"According to passenger flow data from previous years, the average daily passenger flow at the Hi-tech Park Station before and after the Spring Festival was only just over 20,000, which was less than one fifth of the average daily passenger flow on weekdays. During this period, the construction has the least impact on citizens' travel. Gaoxinyuan Station Station Chief Chen Xiangjun introduced that during the construction period, some areas of the hall and platform of Gaoxinyuan Station will be fenced off. The stairs and escalators on the side of the platform will be closed in turns, and some doors will be implemented to only get off and not get on.

In addition, to ease the pressure on passenger flow during construction, the traffic organization of Line 1 will also be adjusted and measures such as non-stop passing, temporary parking, etc., may be implemented. To ensure the safety and stability of the overall passenger flow organization, passenger flow control measures will also be taken during peak periods as appropriate.

Source: 【提醒】出行注意!地铁1号线高新园站有新变化

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