If you're looking for a place to take the kids to help them escape the heat, head on down to the Gateway One Shopping Center across the street from Sea World, where they've installed a mini water park and fun zone.

UPDATE: The Fun Zone area, next to the pool, is now open as well. Tickets are purchased separately. See pricing further down the page.

Kids Water Fun Zone at Gateway One Shopping Center in Sea World, Shekou Shenzhen

The attraction is open every day from now until August 15th from 4pm to 9:30pm and features two areas: the pool and a water-free fun zone play area. There is no fee for children to enter the pool; however, it is only for customers of the mall. That means that you need to show them that you've spent money inside the mall first (or you can get FREE Tickets. See below for details). Children must be at least 0.9 meters tall but less than 1.3 meters tall to enter.

Kids Water Fun Zone at Gateway One Shopping Center in Sea World, Shekou Shenzhen


How does it work?

  1. Go to any store inside the mall and spend at least 58 RMB (per child), 
  2. Show that receipt to the service center counter (located at B1 Level Next to Ole Supermarket),
  3. Follow the Gateway One Official WeChat Account and they'll give you a ticket.

Gateway One Shopping Center Official WeChat Account

Once you get your ticket, take it to the attendant at the water play area for admission to the pool. 

When you arrive, you may need to wait to enter as kids are let in at 30 minute intervals. Every 30 minutes they let in no more than 45 kids at a time. If there are many children waiting, they'll ask kids to leave when the 30 minutes are up; however, if it's not busy they appear to be letting kids play longer.

Get Free Admission

Each day they also give away 20 free tickets for the pool to people who fill out a form within the Official WeChat Account shown above. They give the free tickets to the first 20 people to fill out the form each day.

Get a FREE Ticket to the Kids Water Pool Fun Zone Play Area at Gateway One Shopping Center in Sea World Shekou Shenzhen

After you fill out the form (with your name and phone number), a Chinese speaker will call you to confirm. (NOTE: We've applied a few times and a confirmation message appeared but we did not receive a phone call. Upon arrival at the counter we gave them our phone number and they were able to look it up and give us the ticket).


Get a FREE Ticket to the Kids Water Pool Fun Zone Play Area at Gateway One Shopping Center in Sea World Shekou Shenzhen

Note: Each WeChat account can only fill out the form once per day (whether you get a free ticket or not).


The new fun zone (next to the pool) is now open as well and is expected to be a permanent fixture there. It's open from 10am to 10pm daily.

Tickets for this area can be purchased at the play area itself and are separate from tickets for the pool area. One adult can enter with each paying child. There are no age or height restrictions nor on how long your child can stay to play in this area.

The price is 158 RMB per child per entry. An individual child pass can also be purchased giving your child admittance three times for 399 RMB. A family pass can be purchased giving one or more of your children admission 6 times for 599 RMB. 6, 9 and 12 Month Memberships can also be purchased giving admission for as little as 88 RMB. The membership can be shared allowing you to invite children from other families as well.

Childrens Play Area at the Gateway One Shopping Center in Sea World Shekou Shenzhen China

How to Get There

  • By Metro: The Gateway One Shopping Center is located just above the Sea World Metro Station on the Orange (Shekou) Line, Exit B. 
  • By Bus: Sea World bus stop (海上世界), busses: 2, 122, 332.
  • By Taxi: Show the following name to your taxi driver: 海上世界汇港购物中心. If the taxi driver does not know this name, tell them to take you to Sea World 海上世界. The mall is just across the street and a bit to the right if you're standing with your back to McDonalds and facing the road.


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