Yet another VPN scare has hit expat news recently; this one claiming that telecoms in China will block VPN use by January 11th, 2018. You've probably already seen it. We're not going to do it any justice by reposting it. Since the report does claim; however, that the big Telecom companies will be the ones behind the blocking, we thought we'd jump right to them and ask some questions. We called the China Telecom office here in Shenzhen to confirm the claims.

The conversation was a simple one. Since the reports spreading quickly over the web say that companies should register with their ISP to avoid interruption to their VPN service we started by asking how to register.

Question: "How do I register VPN for my company?"

Answer: "You don't need to register your VPN with us."

Question: "Will you be blocking VPN use?" 

Answer: "We don't know anything about this news to block it."

Note: The above is a transation of a conversation in Chinese.

There are a number of reasons why the local China Telecom office may be giving us conflicting information to the reports circulating wildly over the internet. Whatever the reason, as an expat, I'm not worrying about my internet freedoms being cutoff anytime soon. If for any reason something does happen, VPN providers will, as my customer service rep just told me, quickly find a workaround to get you back online.

Happy surfing.

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