For those that would like to attend the Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest in Xili this Friday and Saturday November 11th and 12th, you can take a free shuttle bus from Sea World in Shekou. See below for details.


For tickets call 136 1286 4731 or visit the Bionic Brew Popup Shop next to HH Gourmet in Coastal Rose Garden 2 #43-A


 Free Bus from Shekou to the Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest


2016 Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival Dates:
Friday Nov 11: 17:00 -23:00
Saturday Nov 12: 13:00 -23:00


Look for the DUDU bus with Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest Sign when you arrive Sea World Metro Station Exit A.




Nov 11: DEPARTS Shekou 17:00; 19:00;
Return 23:00 Shekou; 23:00 BSZ


Nov 12: DEPARTS Shekou 13:00, 16:00
Return 23:00 from SoFunLand
to Shekou, 23:00 to BSZ


深圳市南山区塘兴路133号集悦城 SoFunLand,
No. 133 Tangxing Road,
Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Map to Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest 2016

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