Happy 2018! For those that didn't get a chance to see fireworks this new year's eve, we've gathered some spectacular videos of the fireworks shows from 20 (mostly) great cities around the world.

Considering how far Shenzhen has come in the last 30 years, it's a shame that it isn't capable of a putting on a decent fireworks show for its residents. In the last few years especially, Shenzhen has made some amazing accomplishments, rivaling even the biggest cities around the world. However, by failing to join the world in celebrating the start of the new year, it's withdrawing itself from being considered one of the world's great cities.

I've heard the argument that January 1st isn't their big new year celebration, the Chinese New Year is. I bought that for a minute until I saw that Beijing did a countdown show this year and Shanghai has done many in the past.

Hopefully we'll see Shenzhen cement itself as a world-class city on 2019's new year's eve with a spectacular fireworks show of its own. With its miles-long, newly opened, Binhai Promenade, Shenzhen Bay would be a perfect place to launch such such a display. Considering Shekou is the birthplace of the opening up reform of China, it's only fitting to use this location as the place where Shenzhen comes out to the world as a city to watch.

With the technology available here in China's Silicon Valley, and the fireworks manufacturing know-how available in the country, there's no reason why Shenzhen's fireworks show couldn't be the best in the world.


We've added Pyongyang to the list not because we consider it to be a great city; but just to demonstrate that even they put on a fireworks show on New Year's Eve. 

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